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Welcome to the Online Web Access.  We have provided this secure on-line site to further enhance the communications and flow of data in our district.  Please log in to access the secure location of the site. 

Once logged on, you will have access to entering and approving requisitions.



 How to Log In Minimize


You will need this information on the next page

To login follow the steps below

click on the "login" in the upper right corner of this page to get to the next page

username will be your first.last name all lower case (jane.doe)

• password (do12345), first 2 letters of last name and last 5 digits of SSN.

  Still unable to log in?  Contact Kathy Biancone 265-4418

Once logged in please read the information on the initial page as it is continually updated to keep you informed of any important changes.

• You will then be able to view your personal information from the “Employee Resources” tab on the blue bar menu.

How to Access Paycheck Information
• Click on “Employee Resources”
• Click on “Compensation”
• Access your paycheck information

Want to see the effect of changing your pay or withholdings?
• Click Pay Check Calculator at the bottom of your pay information screen.

How to Access Leave Information
• Click on “Employee Resources”
• Click on “Attendance”
• Access your leave activity and balances



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